Art therapy for children with autism spectrum problems

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Dr. Celine Schweizer

Children with autism are often referred to art therapy sessions. This is because they suffer from communication problems, often have a negative image of themselves, and have behavioural problems (Schweizer et al., 2014). However, little is currently known about the effects and the effectiveness of the treatment.

This PhD research consists of four phases:

  1. Systematic review. This involves a literature study as part of which all English language publications regarding art therapy for autistic children are analysed. In the publications, please see: Art therapy with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A review of clinical case descriptions on ‘what works’.
  2. Standardizing terms. In 2015, the most important terms found in the literature study will be standardized according to the Delphi method.
  3. Checking the treatment programme and observation checklist. The standardized terms will then be tested in practice in the form of an observation list and treatment programme. Parents and teachers will be involved in this process. In 2015 to 2016, they will state the treatment results using the standardized questionnaires.
  4. Validating the observation checklist and treatment programme in 2016.

Professor Erik J. Knorth from the Orthopedagogy department of the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences at the University of Groningen will act as supervisor. The co-supervisor will be Marinus Spreen, Associate Professor of Social Work & Arts Therapies at Stenden University of Applied Sciences.

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