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On October 15th, 2016 a special symposium will be held in Maastricht (NL). It follows from the dissertation research performed by dance therapist Rosemarie Samaritter at the University of Hertfordshire (UK) in 2015. At the symposium four invited speakers from the fields of philosophy, neuroscience, arts therapy research and dance therapy will present their takes on the development of social attunement capacities in young people and children with autism.

The symposium will present a positive health perspective on embodiment and the experience of social attunement in autism. The presentations will address and point out research and concepts that support a developmental perspective in ASD. Rather than accentuating pathological deficits, a developmental approach will emphasise the individual’s capacities to relate to others and to develop personal pathways towards attunement. Experts from the fields of philosophy, neuroscience, research in expressive arts therapies and dance movement therapy will share their perspective on experiential approaches to interpersonal relating. The afternoon will offer the participants an integrative perspective on the relevance of embodiment, enactive relating and (kinaesthetic) intersubjectivity in autism.

The programme will present theoretical and practical research aspects and the value of dance therapy in this field.

Call for posters:
During the symposium we will provide the opportunity for poster sessions to present research results, ongoing research projects and practice based contributions on embodiment and on experiential approaches to social attunement in autism. Participants are invited to submit posters that illuminate aspects and themes relevant to the arts therapies. The poster sessions are intended to engage participants and authors into discussions about their work. Submission is open to all disciplines. Especially Arts Therapies practitioners, students and alumni are encouraged to submit. Abstracts (max 200 words) submitted for evaluation can be sent to Subject: poster submission. The submission must clearly demonstrate relevance to the symposium theme.
Submission deadline: September 30st, 2016.

Information about the speakers:
Click here for more information about the presentations and speakers.

October 15th, 2016 from 13.00 – 17.30.

NOTE NEW ADDRESS! Toneelacademie, Lenculenstraat 31-33, 6211 KP Maastricht.

Parking facilities:
For parking your car you can use the P+W terrein Stadspark/Kennedybrug Maastricht.

You can register before October 10th, 2016 by clicking on ‘Inschrijven’ at the top of this page. After filling out the form please click on ‘Verzenden’. Don’t forget to fill out the authorization form after you you have registered (see Fees and Payment). Online registration ended.

Full participation € 75,00 (Authorization form A)
Student participation € 25,00 (Authorization form B)

ZUYD staff € 25,00 (Authorization form C)
ZUYD student € 15,00 (Authorization form D)

Please fill out the authorization form. You will find the form after clicking on the link published above after the fees. Please make sure you click on the right link.
Then send the form before October, 10th 2016 to KenVaK, Attn. mrs. B. Nieuwenhuizen, Nieuw Eyckholt 300, 6419 DJ Heerlen.

There will be no restitution of fees. In case you cannot join the event you may pass your registration to another person. Please inform us about this through:



15 / 10 / 2016


Tijd van Tot Spreker(s) Titel Presentatie(s)

Welcome address

13:1514:00Dr. Susan van Hooren


14:0014:45Dr. Hanne de Jaegher

Presentation “Somehow we belong together, here we are something special”.
Embodying the investigation of autistic social interactions.



Break (posters)

15:1516:00Dr. Marc Thioux

Presentation “Action observation and mental states comprehension in individuals diagnosed with autism”.

16:0016:45Dr. Rosemarie Samaritter

Presentation “Creating connections: Social attunement in autism through kinaesthetic partnering”.


Movement Closure and/or Discussion


Drinks (posters)

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