Specialised music education of children

Amongst other things, this research will further explore the effect of specialized music educatoin on the mental and physical functioning of children aged between six and nine years old. Specialised music education aims to encourage the child to further develop his or her musical, cognitive, emotional, and motor abilities. Given the impact of executive functions on learning conditions and learning achievements, this research specifically hones in on the effects this method has on executive functioning.

Using an experiment-like approach, the project will gather data regarding the executive functioning, learning achievements, and behaviour at four intervals throughout the academic year 2014 to 2015. This will be carried out via neuropsychological research, observations during music lessons, and questionnaires for parents and teaching staff. Data was gathered at different schools for standard and special primary education in the Dutch province of Limburg.

Professor Frans Ferron from Maastricht University is acting as supervisor. Dr Susan van Hooren and Dr Miriam Stuijts from Zuyd University of Applied Sciences are acting as co-supervisors.

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