Art therapy for personality disorders….. does it work?

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Dr. Suzanne Haeyen

This two-part research project focuses on art therapy amongst patients with Cluster B and C personality disorders.

The first part concerns the development of an effective, practicable, and specific arts therapy feedback instrument for this target group. The art therapy can be monitored and, if required, adjusted through the systematic use of patient feedback. We will test the art therapy feedback instrument (BTV-PS b/c) according to its reliability, validity, and usability, and will also compile instructions on how to use it. We will use the questionnaire as a basis to map out the results from the art therapy.

The second part of this research involves a randomized controlled trial which will determine the effectiveness of the art therapy. The goal of this is to contribute to the empirical underpinning of art therapy among the respective target group, as well as to contribute to the professionalization of art therapy and to its position within the area of activity.

This research is being supported by the HAN University of Applied Sciences & Scelta and GGNet, an organization for mental health care.

Professor Giel Hutschemaekers from the Academic Centre for Social Sciences at Radboud University in Nijmegen will act as supervisor.

Dr Susan van Hooren, Associate Professor for arts therapies for the research centre of arts therapies at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (KenVaK) will act as co-supervisor.

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